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Ease On Down The Road: Locating The Schimmel Center

 At the Michael Schimmel Center box office, we have been receiving many phone calls, inquiring how to locate our theatre from the various convenient subway stops in our area. We could give you all the directions you want but we thought it might be easier if we just showed you ourselves! Below are three tutorial videos to show you how to get to our theatre from the three perspective subway stops in our area. Follow me along the bustling streets of downtown Manhattan to our location at 3 Spruce Street!  I promise they are both entertaining and educational (as always)!

See You at the Schimmel!

Michael Torbet

Pace Presents 2013-14 Blogger

From the A,C, 2 and 3 Trains

From the 4 and 5 trains

From the R Train

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